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Theres this guy whom i met for few weeks now. He is always sending me some dirrty message like he wants to have sex all the time, i kinda enjoy it because its a turn on for me, a guy who can make u sexually arroused just my sending u dirrty messages.

Then we meet for good blow job and that was few weeks ago, i can still remember how hes body shaking while he cum inside my my mouth. He is a nice guy, i like him and hes an average chinese that makes me remember my ex.After that, i thought that this is also one of the moments when you can just touch and go but surprisingly, he messaged me right after we finished blow jobbing.

Then yesterday, he asked if i can go with him in a sauna. I coundnt really say no because its theres a feeling thats bothering me that time.

I think anyone can relate this, like you just had a sex but you are not really satisfied and all you gonna do is to find a sexual encounter again until you will feel an authentic satisfaction and then you gonna stop for few days, and then go back again.

I came with an idea that this is how a sexual cycle of a gay is or i am just manifesting a symptoms of a sexual maniac.

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I just had this experinece yesterday where we just had sex in the toilet, its in the shooping mall public toilet.

It wasnt really my first time to have sex in the toilet but it was one of the most intimate sex ive ever had. The most exciting part was that, we were able to took out our clothes and have a good fuck inside the the toilet. His kiss is so erotic that I can even cum right away, and he held me like he truly love me like he owned me.

He is one of the cutest malay guys that i really like, i’ve been wanting him for few years and it was a great satisfaction for me to have him,had sex with him and kissed with him. I like him so much more for his thing. He asked me if i am a pitcher or a catcher. No, we aint gonna play baseball..hahahaha

I directly replied that im both and he told me that he is more of a pitcher, and my nipples just got itchy after that. Indeed, he was a good pitcher with his nice dixie thingy. His cut dixie thing that really fit my mouth right into his hairy balls. I just like the way he pulled my hair and pushed it back to go deeper.

He told me that he is staying with someone who happens to be his partner…he meant was his partner.

He is not sure if thyere are still in a relationship because they didnt do sex anymore, and thats why hes longing for someone else for sex.

We didnt really talk much after a wild encopunter at the toilet because i need to get back to my office.

I want to ask him if he really love his housemate, if he still in a relationship, if hes single.

But theres something thats stopping me.

He asked me a question while hes pumping behind me.

Could you be my FUCK BUDDY?..


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I feel really bad if someone is taking drugs right in front of my eyes and to know that they are people whom you really care and love the most. I saw how their behavior will change everytime theyre on the spirit of drugs. He complain sometimes if where are all his money go in spite of all the hardwork hes been doing from his job. I’m just scared that the addiction will go worst and he be left with nothing and i dont want that to happened to all the people i love. I knew a lot of people affected by this drug addiction and i know how hard and sad it is to them. I dont want to reach the point that all the the people he love will get affected. His relationship with his family, to his friends and his relationship with me. Thats the last thing i want to happen.

I knew people selling all their branded things just to get drugs. They even sell liquors from their parents mini bar just to buy drugs. I already exhausted telling all these but they never listened.”im not a drug addict, im just a drug user”, this is the normal response from them.

I used to tell myself before

“Im ok to be gay, than being a drug addict”

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Its going to be a cold night for me and Its 2:23 am here in kuala lumpur.Im still awake and feeling emotionally lonely and sad. Im thinking about the people whom i really love the most, and thinking about the guys whom i emotionally attached with.Its really hard if your expecting for something to happen thats far from the reality.I can actually leave anytime but i chose to stay because im still hoping and expecting. I dont really know how much pain would i get if il just leave but one thing for sure…its unbearable

I love him without asking anything in return, but im already tired and im losing my patience.I told myself to give up many times but im still here, still waiting.

I dont know how long would it be but all these lies hurt me so much..


Its actually raining outside while im writing this, seems like the sky is crying with me.

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Donuts are one of the best things that i really enjoy aside from sex of course. It gives me a feeling of joy and satisfaction to every bite of it. I have this crazy sex fantasy that im gonna cover my boyfriend full of donuts and im gonna eat them one by one until one donut will remain into his penis. Inserting a hole of donut into his thing and start to lick every sugar on it. I really like sweets especially with a bit of sex into it..

Donuts is a gay thing…and addicted to donuts

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Bukit Bintang is the center of fun in Kuala Lumpur, you can find everything from shopping, entertainment, food and exclusive services (if u know what i mean). This is also the center of gay activities from clubbing, dating and even bath houses.

You can find interesting people from locals, non locals or expats around the city. This is the first place to explore especially during night time and i assure you that this place is safe.


Shah alam is consider under the state of Selangor here in Malaysia. People here are mostly Malays and some Chinese which are very warm people and attractive too. Mostly of the young guys ul be meeting here are students from different universities since Shah Alam have most number of Colleges in the whole country and when i say students.. It means fresh and yummy..

These photos taken while exploring the place.



Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands is an entertainment hub compose of casino’s, malls,indoor and outdoor theme parks. Its also one of the best locations to meet some of the local and non local guys since this is one of the best spots in southeast asia..thanks to all the gay mobile apps.




After a whole night of partying in the city, the rest of birthday celeb was spent in Langkawi.This place s famous because of the some beaches and exciting activities that can be found only in the island.


Its my 25th birthday today.
My second birthday here in Malasia.
Lasy year i have Ricky J.
This year i have Tom.
Im still hoping for Ricky J. to love me same or more than i do t him but theres things in life that will only give one option and that is to give up.
Im happy with Tom. I love him without any doubts.I love him enough to hold on with my life.I love him but nit enough for me t be faithful.


I just recieved this bday gift from a friend. The guy in the story ” sex in the toilet”. We just had sex after he gave this. A great sex in my birthday


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