ONS can turn into Love

Love, romance

MAY 6, 2011

Ricky J

I met him online on one of the gay sites, he wanted to have fun same as i do and he directly asked me to come over to his place but it was midnight already and being here in Johor Bahru would be dangerous and really not safe to travel, but he insisted to join him that night and told me to pay the cab going to his place.I was so horny that night and decided to take a risk for the sake of satisfying myself. SEX is one of my weakest point, it can get me anywhere and do things i never expect myself to do, it can move beyond the limit, it makes me crazy, it makes me an ADDICT.

So i took a cab  without having a second thought to stop myself, it makes me happy, i told myself that it was an adventure, i convinced myself that it was fun, experience the best thing that a gay life can offer. It took me an hour before i reached his place because he driver is not familiar with the place and he cannot speak English.

I met Ricky J, the guy wearing an eyeglasses, few inches taller than me,fair,medium built and cute. The moment i saw him, i felt like it was only a usual meet ups, he can speak English well and hes a Malay.He took me to his nice and big room, with some techno music on the background.We made some few talks talking about his work and his Pinoy boss, asking about Filipino culture and some casual things about life.I felt an instant connection with him, and maybe he felt it too, it felt like we are already friends before and we just met again, he is sweet and charming, i like the way he looks at me, and the way he smile, were lying on his King size bed talking while hes leaning on my shoulder, were holding hands with no reason and i feel so secure with his hands and his embrace, he hugs me a lot as i did to him.

Maybe i was longing for someone who can always these things to me but to him, i felt like it was different.

We kissed.

We just both decided to kiss and just to allow ourselves swallowed by the moment, it was a passionating  kiss like lovers on their honeymoon, it was gentle, it was serine, it was sacred. It was the beginning of magic, i can feel my heart, the only thing i felt on that moment. I kissed him like my man, i kissed him like i never kissed before.

The magic continues…

We got swallowed by the waves in the ocean and took us in the deepest part, he blow me and i love everything he did that moment, im starting to like him, love him. I pumped until the last breath, until he begged, until he moaned.

It was not just a love making

It was pure to me..

It was sacred..

It was love…


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