RICKY J again…

Love, romance

Ricky J will pick me up tonight. We arranged a threesome at his place with one of my friend Matt. I’m not actually fine with what were about to do cause it really hurts me a lot, gave me so much pain, Ricky actually asked me if im fine with it. I dont know what to say, i felt bad coz he know that i like him,that i love and he still have the nerve to asked me, but who am I to him in the first place?..

I dont have any reason to feel bad or to be angry to him, he asked me if what would i feel if Matt will fuck him. I never answered, but i want to tell him that it would cause me pain, so much pain, but im helpless and im drowned.

My friend Matt is a Chinese, hes 31 and good looking in his age, hes Top and good in bed.I met him here in JB few weeks ago and we already have ONS. I decided to be part of the arrangement because i wanna see him again,

i wanna sleep with him again,

i wanna spend another night with him,.

I wanna feel love again..

feel Ricky J.

Lets see what will happen to the arrangement, I hate it but i want him…


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