Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, personal, travel

MAY 13 2011 2:45pm – I am currently in Malaysian Immigration applying for extension for my social visit pass until monday, I decided not to go exit to Thailand because it  would cause me a lot of money and staying in KL would save me from hungry and starvation. The immigration is actually far from KL , I took a high speed train (KLIA Transit) from KL sentral to Putrajaya which is already out of KL, though it’s a bit far but I enjoyed sightseeing places in Malaysia. It takes around 20 mins before I reached the Putrajaya station, then I took a bus going to the Malaysian Immigration.

It took me to Cyberjaya and from the moment I entered the place I was amazed and stunned by what I saw.

“This is not Malaysia, this is Dubai.” I told myself.

The entrance is a beautiful steel bridge on its magnificent design, it reach thru the sky and it sparkle like diamonds dropping to the lake, it welcomes me with its beauty and grace, it’s the architecture of the present and you can only see it in Malaysia.

Malaysia still impressed me and I just can’t help but to fall in love with the place, by that moment I decided and dream to leave in Malaysia, it is now part of my dream, my future, and my Love. It has a beautiful mosque and I’m still trying to find out whats the name of the mosque.

All the buildings have smart design build  for a new dimension, it’s a new world to me, it’s the new Asia.


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