Gay, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Music, romance, sex, travel

KUALA LUMPUR (PACIFIC VIEW EXECUTIVE SUITES)-It happened trice already. I just took chem again and I felt sorry for myself. Im in his (because I forhothis name again and Im not good in grasping name.Im gonna ask him again once his awake.) condo right at his moment and we just had an amazing sex for long hours. Im still high right now because I took ice,poppers,V for Viagra (so we can keep our thing still hard)and some capri cigarettes . He took ice,v, and K, and I dont have any idea what K is but he told me that the feeling is more nice. We took ice while DJ Tiesto music is playing in his big HD tv and have some LED party lights covered the whole that turns like a club. Igot easily high because of the music,It feels amazing and nice,I just cant describe it but it was the most crazy feeling ever and i liked it.

Ive been dancing all over the place and I can really feel the effect running through my blood, it made me like in a different place, it took me somewhere that I felt so good that I just wanna fly with the music.It was the greatest feeling ever, and the set up is feel right.

The fun doesnt stop here..

Ill be posting the details soon..

It was extreme,

and by way, Thailand’s gay porn movie was amazing.

This the live concert of DJ Tiesto in Copenhagen that we watched and on the background.


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