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MAY  14, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR-I am currently in Pavillion which is the shopping capital of KL ad i just cant get myself enough of Idsrie, the guy who picked me up on the bus terminal 2 nights ago, well, last night a also had an invitation and his name is mike somewhile in cahaya. I travelled from KL sentral to his place and to my surprise, hes too old from his picture, it was terrible but nothing happened. I just slept and get myself directly here in pavillion.

Idsrie is one of the hottest guys i met  here in Malaysia, he picked me up directly from the bus station with his black car while im on my unimppresive travel outfil with some of my luggage. He open the door so i can let myself in and he welcomes me with his cute smile, his pink lips and perfect teeth. He is actually cute in person than his photos,he have some face hair and a goatee that makes him hot, hes sexy and he is only wearing a sando shirt.

We just talked some casual things about his and my work, travel and comparing my country to Malaysia. His place is not actually far from the bus terminal, he is living in a condo and his room is actually impressive, it was spacious and have two rooms, its more of a bachelor pad.

His room is simple which red is the dominant color, though it was cool. He let me shower first while he is doing his report for his job. I made it sure that im gonna be fresh once the show will start, and the moment i got out from the shower room, he is only wearing a boxer short, a skimpy boxer short, he is so sexy, so hot, i can see his toned body and his pink nipple, i sat beside him and directly hold his hand. He gave me this beautiful and naughty smile, and he just let his lips touched mine. I can feel his lips that so soft and i cant just let myself respond to his, it was gentle at first then became so fast that my lips is about to bruise, it was fast that his hands is already at my back, he was became daring and hot, i felt the tension between our body , the caress is more lustful just to get ourselves satisfied.i

It is more intense that he wants to go inside me, I was so high and want nothing but im inside me, we waited for the right moment until we become one. It was a bit painful because its something that i never expected, he got something that would please me.

It felt nice to be his inside me, it was a greatest feeling i want for that moment, he pumped like like we were flying, and were flying so fast that we dont want it to end, became faster until we reached the gravity and we just felt the burst of life, it was pulsating that we just ended embracing each other,

He is good.

Really good that I want to beg for more.

But again, its ONS once again,

I took a nap for like 2 hours and he got ready for work.

He took me to a train station going to the city proper.I gave him a rubber bracelet i got from a beach party in boracay.

I will always remember him.

IDSREI…the guy who can move on bed.


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