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PARK VIEW LUXURY SUITES KUALA LUMPUR- This is my story with Nazim, the chem guy who likes Armin Van Buren and DJ Tiesto. I met him online again while im in Pavillion mall. He is not suppose to meet me because I dont want to do Chem fun and I dont bareback, but because I dont have any place to go and its getting late already, I decided to do thing he wanted but for only one condition. ” Dont cum inside”. He agreed.

His place is actually a Luxury suites, near the KLCC an its at the back of crown regency.His place have a nice interiors suited for a bachelor.Its actually dark inside because black is the dominant color but it gives a masculine effect to the whole place.I took a nice hot shower first before going to the business.

He provided me a sexy short and a shirt and I just directly manage to examine his face. He have this terrible dark eye bags and his cheeks is kinda sunken that made him look old.He is losing hair, and hes eyes is bulging, and his body is almost skinny, though he looks still hot to me.

We just talked about his work, doing as a part time DJ. ( I dont now if he is telling the truth or just trying to impress me…lol.), he said that he just came back from Bangkok and going to Amsterdam (where he live) next week. Hes preparing the ice while giving some bad comments about his Filipino co-workers on their English accent while not noticing his own annoying English. We talked about music on how he really likes armin van and how he loves progressive music, but he cannot differentiate trance and techno music, and worst, he doesnt have any idea what house music is.

He played DJ Tiesto’s Elements of Life concert while we enjoying taking the chem, he turned on the lazer party light and make the whole place to transfort it to a dancefloor. I made some few puff and I can feel the effect already, I can feel the music and the chem go together to make me fly, to make my body move to the music, he gave me V in the middle of the session, my body is a slave of the music, trying move to every beat and trying to feel the ice on my blood.

I got high.

I can really feel it.

He told me that this is already the right time.

He told to take a cold shower first before doing the business, and it was really nice, it makes me high even more. We change the music to Armin Van Buren while the HD tv is playing the Thai Porn movie. The skin really becomes sensitive when you are high and every touch is a cry of joy, every kiss is heaven, and every breath is like an aroma of a pure coffee. My nipple is the sensitive part as well as to him, and the moment that his tongue reaches my nipple, I just cant help my self but to beg for more.

Each movement have different effect to our skin, we felt like we are dancing trying to change its position, he move under me the moment he felt the peak of being high, I can feel how warm it is, making my thing more hard, and it was the right time to go inside him, bare, nothing but my skin.

Our body moves with the rhythm of the music, the pumping is progressive, and every beat is a cry for us, he comes on a revenge trying to get inside me, he is more intense as the music becomes louder, we’ve been pumping on and on….

The music doesn’t stop ,

the pumping became faster,

Its been two hours already.

The poppers made us pumping like forever.

I dont want it to end.

but the effect of the V is now degrading, and we both decided to burst on the same moment, on the peak , on the top.


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