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MAY 15 2001

LCCT KUALA LUMPUR- Ill be  leaving Malaysia officially by tomorrow morning through Air Asia Airline under flight # AK662 departing from Kuala Lumpur LCCT around  7:55am and arriving at Clark, Philippines at 11:40AM.Its not going to be the end of my journey here in Malaysia, its just the beginning and ill be back for more….

This day was crazy, I haven’t sleep for more than 24 hours and I ate only once for this day because of the chem I took last night.After a sex party with DJ Tiesto, I went to Kepong area which is 20KM away from KL sentral because someone invited me to have fun. I was still so horny after a long sex drive last night that I just decided to go. I took me around 30 minutes before I reached the Kepong station. Few minutes later, my new friend came and picked me up going to his house. His looks really Chinese and have fair skin,he looks cute in person than to this photo. Theres an awkward silence while we are inside the car, I asked him if he is really shy because he doesn’t talk and i was surprised with his reply. ” I was so tired because I took chem for two nights already. ” I do not know if i am a chem magnet or its just that all gays in KL are into chem. He told me that he is taking ice. I can see his teeth is grunting and hes skin is really dry, and I’m pretty sure that he is still high while driving. In my case, I was already relieved by the drugs and I only felt some mild palpitation.He is kinda nerd and he have this attitude of a nerdy guy. He doesn’t  after that and it was a complete silence inside the car. I dont know really the problem of this guy, he is actually a bit weird.

He took me to his apartment, a bit messy in the living room but his room is actually nice, the place doesn’t really have the taste of a nice interior. I took a long shower and went directly to his bed. We are watching  porn on his laptop while he is taking ice. I did not ask for any ice, i got enough already. All I want that moment was just a normal fun. I cannot control myself already and I just put my hand to his thing, and he told me that he is not crave, like he is not crave for sex.

I felt embarrassed with what he just said, he got the nerve to declined right at that moment where I’m very high with my sexual hallucinations. I decided not to continue and  i just played with my own alone.It was really unusual to me, it was weird, it was crazy or he is just stupid.

The Weirdo guy

I asked him to take me KL Sentral as what he promised, but because the traffic was so jammed, he just took me the the Kepong train station. I told him that his talking bullshit, but he just stared to me blankly like a moron.He was probably the most weirdo guys I’ve ever met.I did not bother to ask for his name.

I took a train again back to KL Sentral and right at that  moment, one thing that I hated the most, DEPRESSION is starting to attack me, I suddenly felt sad and lonely, maybe because I was ignored and maybe because of the chem.

I turned my laptop on at KL Sentral and I just recieved a message from Ricky J. that he is in LCCT waiting for his flight to Bangkok. Without any second thought, i went directly to the luggage counter and claim my things and went directly to LCCT. Knowing the fact that Im gonna see Ricky J again, it revived my feeling, it gave me the feeling of a special joy in my heart, the feeling just suddenly shifted to something beautiful and warm. My feeling with Ricky J will still remain I guess, or maybe it will just vanish by time.

We met at Mcdonalds where he gave me something to eat, a burger and fries which is his birthday gift to me. I was touched somehow with the gift, but the great thing that touched me the most is to see him again. I want to hug and kiss him on that moment, I can still feel the feeling, and felt very happy to be with him before I leave. My journey will end with a great smile on my heart.

We talked a lot of things even in just few minutes, its a nie feeling to talk to him again, but this time is really different. I can feel that he is now comfortable talking to me as much as I do to him. It was a great conversation I had with him, and every minute really counts on that moment.

I took some pictures with him which I will upload the next few days. He the Ricky J that i will always remember who won my heart from Malaysia.He needs to leave by 9:45pm and the only thing I can do for him is to say Goodbye.

Im going to sleep tonight dreaming about Ricky J.


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