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After Nazim, here comes Jake…….The first Pinoy after Malaysia

Its already three days that ive been here in Clark Pampanga and I just can let myself to be drown by boredom. This place doesnt have much to offer not unless you are a foreigner or a straight guy. This place have a lot of beerhouses or clubs who can offer experienced female sex services.This place is actually known for Americans maybe because of the place itself or the girls.

But in my case since im not straight, I still need to research some other options to enjoy and have some fun. Good thing that my friends place and they have internet connection so I can just go online and do my business. Its my first time here in Pampanga and I dont expect that much.

I met Jake online, hes 19 years old and a nursing student. Hes cute for a Pinoy guy, he asked if I want fun because he is so depressed that night. I said im keen to have fun with him but he said that he doesnt have place but still he got some other option, to have fun in a vacant lot to their subdivision in Xevera.He told me that some of the houses are not yet occupied so we can just sneak in and make fun.

It gives me a sense of excitement which I really like, which I really wanted. I decided to come over and meet him, I took a public jeepney around 9pm and it took me 15 minutes to reached the main gate of the subdivision. It was actually quite nice. He picked me up with his motor bike, I felt like Audrey hepburn in Roman Holiday..lol

We found some units that are not occupied and the door is open,we decided to go inside without any second thought, closed the door and just suddenly embrace ourselves with our lustful intentions. It was dark inside and really bare. We just laid ourselves to the floor ignoring that thought that we might get caught. He is really this young boy who just want to have fun, very fresh in every way. The way he kiss, his hugs and his thing.

He is this young boy who’s innocent outside but wild inside, this kind of naive but who knows what to do and where to go. He wants to grill on me, I said no because we doesnt have any rubber, he still insisted. I was firmed with my decision and we just decided to both cum after some series of mouth jobs.


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