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Absolute mens club, the hottest gay spot in Singapore.I was there March 4, 2011 for their special theme “NOTHING”.It means that once your inside,you have to wear nothing.They have special theme everyday.”Pair of Aces every monday,”Blackout” for tuesdays,”Alpha on wednesdays, “Gymmers night out on thurdays, Saturday night out every saturday and you will party only with your underwear, and “Sexy Speedo every sunday. You can also visit thier website at http://www.absolute.sg for more details.
I paid 36 SGD including the entance fee and the membership fee of 10SGD since it was my first time and you can now use thier amenities the whole day.It was paradise inside i must say. All men are naked like literally naked because of the theme,absolute can actually offer sexy,toned,buff and hard guys based on the reviews and i confirmed its true. It was an international buffet at its best, you can find chinese,malay,indonesian,caucasians,and some pinoy.It was actually pretty the same with F or Queeriosity in Manila but absolute can offer way better because they have good amenities and  and the place is really great.It has internet cafe,hot and cold shower and steam room in the first floor. They have gym and some rooms in the second and third floor and the most exciting part is the bar at the rooftop.So cool that you can see the whole chinatown and raffles area surrounded by building and skyscrapers. It was amazing to feel the ambience of singapore on the rooftop with some vodka and naked.
Their rooms are actually free for sex, you can just bring someone to the room and do the thing.I had six..Ill give the details for my next post…and by the way, it was my best experience here in singapore so far.
This the membership card

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