Calamba, Gay, Love, personal, romance, sex

This is one of the guys i met here in Calamba and have sex with , and it was so happened that my friend also knew him, and i found out that his full name is Ronnie. I just met him as Ron. He is also a registered nurse and working in one of the hospitals here in Calamba.


We met and he directly took me to his house without any talks. It was weird and silent, maybe hes a bit shy and I don’t know how to initiate the conversation.Hes cute and fair, hes voice is so manly and he turned me on. We reached his house, in his room. With no words to speak, i just directly put my hand to his legs until I reached the thing inside his brief. He moaned, and it feels so good to hear him moaning with his strong voice. He touched my breast and hugged me tightly while his tongue is in my neck. He smell good and his skin is so good to touch.

We undressed, and we started the taste of sin, the taste of gold and excitement. He love y breast and he made some tricks to me to beg for more. I just love how he is playing my nipples. He is the best on it. I just cant forget how good he is on my nipples, how good his tongue circling on my areola.

He was inside me…

and it was so good,.so slow at first and became fast. The trust is so smooth that im asking for more, from missionary to doggie, to spoon then standing position.I am more than satisfied.Sweating all over while my body on top of him, still dancing and burst of pleasure.I want to have him inside me forever.


I really want him.


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