Markho of Angeles City

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I did it again…

I just came back from a fantastic night with Markho. I just knew him as Markho, he told that hes 26 but he doesnt look like 26 to me. He is cute and sexy, super nice butt which is one of the feature i look for a guy. He is sweet and really cute in person. We met in Nepo Mall, one of the Malls here in Angeles City. He told me that he knew a motel where I can have fun with him. We actually agreed to do some hot fun before were going to meet. He have brown colored hair which matches his fair skin, and he have this beautiful  smile that catches my attention.


We walked right through the street of Angeles City proper and we entered to this local lodge. It was not really flattering because it was a cheap motel and you cannot really expect that its a good place though its descent inside. I paid for just 110 pesos (2 USD and some cents). We did not waste anymore time because he just grabbed me to the bed and he started kissing me. I  felt his tongue inside my mouth with a cigarettes taste which is fine with me. I made love with him thats so gentle be did not like it. He showed me how to do romance in his own way. He grab my hair and kissed me so tightly that my mouth is about to bruise. He played my nipples with his mouth like sucking it so hard. It hurts but I really liked it.


Its my turn now, I know that I am really versatile. I can play gentle and I can play hard. It was really nice to hear him moaning as my tongue  running to his body, to his mouth. The kissed is so deep now, like his tongue trying to reach the end of my throat,  bitten my lips with his teeth, and his hands is on my butt.He really wants to hug him tightly. I asked me to blow his thing. I just smile and kiss him from his mouth going to his chest and to his dick. It was average in size but it was so nice to blow. I like his balls that taste really good. He is inside my mouth and I heard him crying for satisfaction. It was so deep that reached my throat. He cried many times as trust him so deep inside. It was really awarding to have your man going crazy while doing your thing.

I asked him to do a favor in return but he told me that he doesnt suck. It was fine but disappointing. We continued until he asked me if i want him inside me. I never answered but instead I gave him rubber because I really wanted to have him inside me. We tried to do the penetration but his thing started to deteriorate. It was not hard enough to go inside, but he just suddenly sucked me and licked my balls maybe because he wanted not to disappoint me which I didnt, because he sucked real good.

He really liked to hug me like his lover. He asked If I cant still spend a whole night with him, he asked me if have lover, but i never answered. I just like him to kiss me and hug me. We did cum together, as we cried out for satisfaction ans pleasure. It was long cry……


I told him that i liked him…and I want to spend another night with him…but I need to go back to manila tomorrow. I liked him and I want to stay.



Lets see what will happen next..


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