Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, personal, travel
Im back to KL again. Ive been here for more than 2 weeks now and im a bit busy thats why i wasnt able to update this blog lately. I came back with my girl best friend with the hope that we can find good fortune in here same as many Filipinos going abroad.
Many Things happened for the past two weeks of living here. There was time that we were fooled by the chinese by their knock off Iphone and still need to report to the police just to have our money back, problem s with the house,job hunting and the best part is guy hunting.I am still amazed how Malaysian guys can offer.There are some chinese guy who is weird, doing sex in a fire exit with an 18 years old indian guy, traveling far to have sex, and surprisingly,i havnt done chem fun yet from the time I came back. One the reasons why im a bit scared about going back here is I might get addicted into drugs. I cant control myself sometimes when it comes to sex. Its so powerful that I cant  just resist.
Being here is KL, I just realized that it was not really enjoyable as I thought It was. I just felt different these past few days, something really change or its just that i expect really too much. KL is like Manila I guess but maybe I did not explore the place yet.Ive never been to any of the clubs in here.I want to party, I wanna experience how cool party scene here. Im still hoping for for the best here..
I know that KL can offer a lot more..and im looking forward to that…

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