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I decided to continue my journey in writing this small blog of mine for some reasons, maybe because im so depressed right now and no one to lean on, like i feel so alone and my bestfriend came back to Manila and I dont have a friend here in KL who can understand the deepest part of me. Its really hard sometimes living in a different country that no one can understands you, which no one doesnt really care about everyone. Its been a long time that i havnt been updated this blog because i feel like giving up sometimes, or maybe i was swallowed by my sexual pleasure for me to disregard all the small things that can make me satisfied evertytime im down or alone.
It was not lonely all alone,because its been a crazy month for me and a good start for a new year. Ive so caught up with all my pleasure schedule and it was really a hell of a good time. I have so many things to tell about my experience for the past few months.Its been a cycle that after a great marathon of sex, i will so depressed then back to my normal sex then came a great sex again, but no matter how my lifes cycle is, im still looking forward to have better life this 2012.


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