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Selamat malam  (good evening)

I took this sunset photo in shah alam kuala lumpur.This is the time when i realized how i miss the sunset. I grew up in a village near the sea where i can see sunset everyday. not unless if its too cloudy or its raining. I never get tired of senset. Its one of the natures ability to make you relax and take all the stress and negativity inside your body.

Sunset also represents an ending, and hoping for a new beginning since there is sunrise, but its the sunset which really appreciate the most. Its like the feeling of being inlove, a taste of a perfect happiness for just a certain moment, its more magical, and have a sense of satisfaction once the horizon swallow the whole thing.

I posted a sunset not because its the end of my blog but is an inspiration that pushes me to think all the things that i started and how to continue and prioritize everything. Theres a lot of things happened for me now. I Know exactly that this is not me anymore and we will discover together how this new self take me to my destiny.



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