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Its been ages that i havnt updated this sex-centered blog of mine and of course, i have a lot of stories to tell. Ive gone way too far than i expected. This city have boundless offer of fun and pleasure. I tried a lot of things thats very new to me and i just cant help myself enjoying it. I tried some things that are illegal and non illegal. From extreme to moderate kind of fun. I didnt try the S&M again because my first and last experience was a bit traumatic and what surprised me the most is doing the chem fun here and there. I cant count now if how many times i did it but i know that i reached more than my limit. I tried a lot of drugs already and not just ice.

One thing i can assure myself is that, no matter how i enjoyed the chem fun, im still not addicted to the drugs itself. Im not dependent on it and im not looking for it like desperately. Not unlike with my boygrirnd right now. Yes, i have a new boyfriend named Tom who happens to take as well. He usually take chem in front of me like almost everyday but i wasnt tempted. We take chem together once in a while but hes taking it not just for fun but to fulfill his addiction.Hes doing effort to minimize it because of me he said. Il talk about Tom for my next few post.

Im trying to write down all my exciting expererience here but dont know where to start. Il probably start with the most recent and thats making love inside the hospital.

Im working as a freelance nurse in some of the hospitals here in KL, and that time i was assigned in shah alam. Im thankful with the smartphones because they have cool applications in meeting new guys, and its the coolest invention eversince the gay word began.

Hes name is Las, chinese in hin late 20’s. Hes tall, manly and always horny. We chatted and directly asked for fun ( which most of the people do actually). There only few things you need to know before asking for sex. The name,age,location,and the most famous one. ” are you top or bottom?”

He asked to go to his place since hes also in shah alam but the problem is that im in the middle of my work and il be out late at night already. Hes a kind of that i cannot just ignore because I sexually like guys who are older than me. I feel a sense of security and tenderness when i make love with them.

The urges of that sense was all over the place that make me more excited. The blood of horny is running all throughout my veins and made me hard just by thinking of him. Its was the time when you cant say NO because that addiction swallowed the my whole self.

I asked him to go to the hospital and meet me inspite of all the risk and consequences..It didnt take him an hour before he reached my patients room. I saw him without any single work came out from my mouth and headed him to the toilet. It was a private room with a toilet inside. Only me and my patient was only inside the room before he came and my patient was sleeping.

Without any time to waste, we headed to the toilet together and do the most exciting lovemaking there. Hes so manly that i cant just help myself lowering down his pants directly. His thing is madly hard already that i just suddly lick the head to make it more angry. The response is a long moan from him like a baby who badly needs a milk. I played his balls inside with my magical tounge and suddenly swallowed the whole long thing until it reached my through and that made him cried for pleasure. My hand was playing his nipples that makes him moaned so loud.I directly kiss him to make him quite. Kiss him so ruggedly until my tounge and lips bruised. His kiss is so intense that made me felt like to cum any moment.

His thing was in my hand while kissing him and it grown more bigger.I ran my tounge going down to his nipples as he is playing my thing with his tounge too. He played my nipple too and hes was good at it.His tounge was wet playing my nipple while im grasping for air because it was so much good

He pushed my head towards his penis and i started to do the bj again. From there, hes insanely pumping inside my mouth like a motor engine in a turbo motion right directly to the deepest part of my throat. I can feel his big head inside my mouth faster and wild until i felt a sudden explosion after a long moan from him..

It was an explosion of satisfaction. A gift from a man that bring pleasure and joy.

P.S. I dont swallow.

He sent a message after that it was gread and oh yes..theres gonna be a second round and i will make sure that there will be penetration.



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