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Its going to be a cold night for me and Its 2:23 am here in kuala lumpur.Im still awake and feeling emotionally lonely and sad. Im thinking about the people whom i really love the most, and thinking about the guys whom i emotionally attached with.Its really hard if your expecting for something to happen thats far from the reality.I can actually leave anytime but i chose to stay because im still hoping and expecting. I dont really know how much pain would i get if il just leave but one thing for sure…its unbearable

I love him without asking anything in return, but im already tired and im losing my patience.I told myself to give up many times but im still here, still waiting.

I dont know how long would it be but all these lies hurt me so much..


Its actually raining outside while im writing this, seems like the sky is crying with me.


3 thoughts on “LIE TO ME

  1. your post might be pretty old but i’m really sure that picture was taken from Hampshire. 😀

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