How many guys did you have sex with?

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Its a fine sunday afternoon in manila and im just at home all alone. When your bored and lonely, sex will come first in your mind. Im thinking of orgy. Hahahaha. Since im alone, I made some few invites on my contacts to have a little bit a party at my place. Well, guys here in manila are a bit conservative and traditional when it comes to kinky stuff. I just dont understand why they gonna act like a 16 year old virgin girl in all aspect. They have series of questions as if they are part FBI or something. After a long Q&A’s, two guys are to horny to come over to my place and agreed to have three way. One guy is a fuck buddy. We fuck occassionally, we did try fucking at our terrace, fucking at our kitchen. He is around my age, manly and cute. He have a nice fair smooth skin though i prefer dark skin. The other guy is a college sweet teenage guy. Kinda twink with a nice butt. The college guy reached my place first then my fuck buddy. I was sitting on my bed and i asked them to stand in front me. I asked them to kiss while  im inserting my hands inside their underwear. Both cocks are already hard before my hand reached it. The two are kissing so hard that the college guy is moaning so hard. My hands is still doing the job while the two guys licking their nipples and moan so hard. Slowly, i took off thier undies and the two hard cocks just right in front my face.  The college guy asked me to suck both cocks together. Of course i said no at first trying to tease him. He keep on pushing his cock in mouth and i suddenly feel that theres already two cocks inside my mouth. 

The sex was great, we tried sandwich, im at the middle and it was satisfying. While im trying to put on my clothes after sex, the college guy asked me if how many guys  did i have sex with. I didnt answer back because i find the question so annoying and stupid. Seriously, do i really need to count? And do you really expect me to be a virgin or just had sex yesterday?   Im not on my teenage years where i can still count still count guys whom i had sex with. 

How many guys did you have sex with is a taboo question. Dont you ever ask this if dont want to sounds stupid


One thought on “How many guys did you have sex with?

  1. yes,…..
    too many sex that cant counted….
    you so easy to looking some to fucking me and sucking thier cock….
    i find to hard for me to finding some guys to suck in KL, Malaysia when i needed…….
    How you do that, any ideal can share……

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